First, we are available at the exclusive request of defendants or the families of those accused of major felonies in Oregon, to assist them through a long and difficult judicial ordeal. That assistance comes in the form of interpreting the legal process and offering meaningful insight too help them make the correct legal decisions.

Intercede Services

Secondly, and arguably the most valuable service we can offer takes the form of purveyors of knowledge, strategy and facts for people under indictment by the State for major felony offenses. From psychiatric evaluation support to deep and thorough investigative services, The Druids provide guidance and understanding.

As experienced and learned men and women who know when to speak and when to listen. In that function we fortify the resolve to carry legal actions to juries. So much of the criminal justice process is designed to break down the resolve of the accused and the families of the accused. The prosecutors throw plea deal’s to desperate and frightened defendants in a system completely devoid of human decency, integrity or dignity. We strive to empower defendants and foster dignity.

The Druids are retained for Interceder Services during the judicial proceedings and after the ordeal has played out. We follow through with appeals from State direct appeals through post conviction and even federal habeas corpus actions.

For the State, the notion of presumption of innocence has long been abandoned traded the pursuit of truth to winning at any cost to human life.These kinds of legal entanglements test the most fervent spirit…the strongest of faith. The Druids’ exist to stand strong and alongside the accused who face an onslaught of vitriol and hatred. Wretched speculation leads to a kind of exile for everyone standing in the path of a broken system of crime and punishment. You need our team…and we need to be there for you.

We take the confusion and fear away from the accused and replace it with empowerment. An empowerment that comes from experience and understanding. A real-world advocacy firm.

Litigation Consulting.

Finally, we are Litigation Support consultants for law firms who have been retained or appointed to defend the accused. As you will read below, the Druids have a vast range of knowledgeable professionals which can be leveraged to assist in Criminal Defense, Appeals, Civil Rights Litigation and Prisoner Rights.


We counsel and prepare witnesses, most of whom are unaccustomed to providing testimony and uncomfortable with the process. Our witness services have proven to help even the most terrified witnesses provide persuasive, credible testimony. Our experience and knowledge can even help evaluate witnesses to determine which ones will be most effective – and which ones may “crack” under pressure.


We have a unique team to help you craft a compelling story to successfully persuade a jury. All research is custom-designed for your specific situation and case challenges using state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge psycho-sociology.  Our strategic recommendations are practical and actionable.


Our team of professionals will assist trial counsel in developing powerful and vivid presentations to the jury. From oratory to specific rhetoric our coaching will cement a memorable persuasive opinion as to the meaning of the evidence before any jury.

In Oregon, even though common sense would demand the jury hear the last comments from the defense as an acquiescence to the “burden of proof” and benefits of the “presumption of innocence doctrine” … the prosecutor gets two shots at the jury just before they retire for deliberation. This dirty little fact is the reason your closing must be powerful…and irrefutable. From rehearsals to mock juries, we provide a full service to make your last say count.


We have associates who are experts on a variety of jury issues including voir dire, selection procedures and the ability of our clients to secure a fair trial.


A great attorney is not always an exceptional litigator. We can help you be both. We help  criminal defense Attorneys develop effective arguments that can literally be  the difference between success and failure in persuading a jury.


We have a team of experienced graphics designers to ensure that you have a strong visual persuasion strategy that can explain complex information clearly and effectively, and one that reinforces key themes to provide maximum persuasive power for your case.


Abraham Lincoln once said…”He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

The Druids would argue: “He who chooses to represent himself in desperation and despair, has finally realized he has a fool for a lawyer.”

The Druids assist those who finally realize they are embroiled in a rigged game whose rules are know only to the lawyers. From Civil Suits, Civil Rights Actions, and criminal appeals in State court to Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus and Certiorari in the Nations highest courts…The Druids have the legal resources and experience to assist in almost any legal proceeding.

The Druids work with lawyer’s and private interest parties to acquire evidence in support of the accused.

Interviewing witnesses who the prosecutor will likely call at trial, and witnesses the prosecutor doesn’t want to hear but who nonetheless  have valuable information to counter the prosecution’s “version or theory of the crime”. We assemble medical, forensic, polygraph, and psychological experts to shed light on the case from the accused’ point-of-view. It is vital to understand the Druid’s mission is to resurrect the Trial Process. It is in that framework we serve both paid counsel and public defense firms (or public defender’s).

We also attend to defense witnesses to assure their readiness for trial through careful and thorough mock up examination scenario’s. The worst nightmare for any defense lawyer is a friendly….but tragically ill-prepared witness. The process of a criminal trial works when everyone in your corner is aware of the trick’s the prosecutor has at her disposal to trip up honest witnesses.

Post-Trial, the Druids  also review transcripts of criminal trials and criminal appeal proceedings already adjudicated. The Druid’s will flesh out “colorable claims” during the appeal process and assist in preparing brief’s where a defendant has elected to exercise his or her constitutional right to a full and fair adversarial testing before a jury.

A case isn’t over with a jury verdict of guilt.

The Druids remain engaged with the trial lawyer’s who argued the case to the jury. We always hope for a full acquittal, but more than that…it is vitally important to preserve issues for direct appeal, post-conviction petitions and even into the federal courts by way of a petition for writ of habeas corpus. That’s why we assemble the team to start. We are in it for the long run. There are no better or more competent trial lawyer’s in the business…and we will be beside you throughout the ordeal.

That is to say, we are good at what we do, and we plan well ahead of the game to assure you the best greatest hope for acquittal. If not at the initial trial…somewhere further down the line.

Long or Short Term Incarceration.

We all work hard for acquittal however we can not always win at trial. In the event your loved one is sentenced to state prison, we have a broad network of support “aftercare” services to get the resources such as video visits, physical visitation, funds for canteen and much more.

We provide extraordinary services to make sure the person headed for prison is as safe as possible. We prepare the appropriate court papers and judgment Orders to satisfy other prisoner’s as to the specific’s of your case.

In some cases, paperwork is the difference between an “easy”  prison term and a very rough road. More and more state prosecutor’s are tacking on “unpopular charges” to make sure prison time is as hard as it can be. We fix that before your loved one leaves the county jail.

We also spend time with you to prepare you for the journey. Prison isn’t fun, but in America…cruel and unusual punishment is one of the last sacred bastions of liberty. Prison isn’t the end of the world in most cases…you will have a release date and a team of advocates fighting to overturn your conviction.

In short, The Druid’s fight for a criminal justice system that provides a path back from perdition. There must be a plan in place to ultimately restore the convicted. Without the possibility of restoration, the prison’s become revolving doors as people are released and re-incarcerated because they can not move from their past mis-deeds to a future full of promise.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, retain The Druids now!