The Druids’ speak for those

who can not speak for themselves.


Our firm is a consortium of professionals, from law scholars and aggressive private investigation firms to psychologists and medical experts. Our strongest attribute is the ability to assemble different professional disciplines to form one team of specialists to craft a viable and robust trial theme that has the best chance for persuading juries.

Today’s legal climate is dangerous. Even if you can’t afford paid legal counsel, you can’t put your faith in the hands of a “pleading lawyer”, that is…a public defender whose only skill is in making deals with the State. Nearly every public defense firm in Oregon encourages their lawyer’s to avoid trials.

The Druids, from a vast network of professionals, assemble a “multi-disciplinary team” or MDT.  When the government decides to indict and arrest they also assemble many resources from a wide and diverse group of agencies and disciplines. The accused must be afforded those same resources.

The State has  full control of the nearly limitless resources of the law enforcement community including police investigators tasked with building a volume of evidence which will not only justify their arrest, but will win over the hearts and souls of a grand jury. Ultimately with an inflated indictment which is so frightening it is impossible to consider a jury trial, they begin to offer deals.

Besides a gaggle of police investigators, Oregon prosecutor’s have the assistance of mental health workers… from clinical social workers to licensed professional psychologists and psychiatrists to testify as to your “state of mind” at the time of the crime alleged. “State of Mind” may not seem important now, but in a criminal trial, your state of mind at the time of the alleged crime is a critical part of the state’s case against you.

They also perform another deeper function and that is to complete a pre-sentence Investigation or “PSI”. This is important because in many cases the sentence handed down by the judge is reflective of the contents of this evaluation.

The State also has the resources of a high tech crime lab which is run by the Oregon State Police. If the OSP Crime Lab has evidence which helps the prosecutor…they use it. If not, it is often never turned over to the defense. That information is kept quiet if it it tends to show the States theory is at fault.

That said, the prosecutor will choose not to share their findings if those findings run contrary to their own theory of the crime. Therefore, it is vitally important that you have people who can either run independent tests or can retrieve the findings of the OSP Crime Lab. Armed with this potentially helpful evidence in your favor…your trial lawyers can effectively argue the hard evidence which may well be enough to lead to an acquittal.

Lawyer’s for the State (prosecutor’s) often have more trial experience than your public defender. That is to say, they have argued more cases to a live jury.  Most public defender’s have little or no experience actually presenting a case to a jury. Trial litigation requires a complex set of skills.

For our purposes here, we will say there are “litigator’s” who try cases to real juries, and “pleading lawyers” who do little more that mediate a settlement by way of a plea bargain. It is an important question for anyone sitting in jail on trumped up charges. You ask your lawyer if he or she is prepared to argue your case to a jury…then make it clear that is your intention.

Essentially, these pleading  lawyers are working…by proxy, for the state. They are called “public defender’s” but they are paid a small amount of money and they settle the vast majority of the criminal cases in your community, through a negotiated plea. They have no incentive to go the extra mile to call expert witnesses, hire investigator’s or employ an independent forensic lab to test the evidence against you. That is until you get the Druids involved.

If you are to have any chance at mounting a defense in a jury trial, you have to have the same  resources to counter the vast array of weapons in the state’s arsenal.

Powerful trial themes that win the hearts and minds of juries

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Criminal Trial Preparation
  • Constitutional Violations
  • Trial Transcript Review
  • Personal Injury
  • Prisoner Mistreatment
  • Thorough Investigators
  • MedicalExperts
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • State Court Criminal Cases
  • State Court Criminal Appeals
  • Civil Rights Violations
  • Voir Dire (Jury Selection)
  • Federal Habeas Corpus

Our Core Values and Mission

The Druids commitments are deeply rooted in Constitutional Law. Our core belief in the sanctity of the Constitution and as such, it must be read as plain text…interpreted using a common man’s understanding of the actual language which serves to protect our liberty and form the fabric of our nation.

That includes the right to privacy. Police and prosecutors routinely utilize their media partners to convict a citizen in the news before an impartial jury ever hears the evidence. So, in plain language, we believe the Constitution says what the framer’s wanted to say, and it must not be twisted by judge made law.

The United States Constitution reflects a common set of rules between the government and the people. This is a fundamental value and belief we hold sacrosanct. Two contracts of performance which the government may not twist or reform to fit some fleeting political agenda. From the time we were children we renewed out commitment in the “Pledge of Allegiance”.  The Constitution speaks to the governments pledge to the people. It is beautiful in its simplicity.

The Druids hold confidentiality in the highest of core values. We will not speak to anyone about any facet of ours services to clients without express and informed release of information. We extend this same courtesy to the lawyer’s with whom we work,  and the that confidentiality is cemented by a binding contract of law.  A contract in blood.

The Druids are deeply devoted to the recognition of the basic human rights and dignity of any person accused, and we seek to inform, comfort, and counsel those who face serious state felony charges. We believe the human factor has been stomped down by an overbearing governance. It is our mission to shine the brightest light possible to expose the devastating jackbooted tactics by both law enforcement and District Attorney’s across this state…and Nation.

We do not believe every prosecutor or police officer is a fiend…nor a friend. We do not believe all law enforcement engage in unscrupulous conduct. We do believe misconduct is far more pervasive than the general public realizes. We seek change.

The Druid’s are committed to truth in charging. The State’s policy of overcharging in indictments to gain leverage in an anticipated plea bargain  is revolting and definable breach of the public’s trust. We seek change.

The Druids as Interceders.

Interceder Operatives “I.O.” are our core service, taking the form of purveyors legal knowledge, guardians of the Constitution and all of the rights secured in that body of Law… affording an exceptional and plausible defense theme for persons under indictment by the State for major felony offenses.

At their base, The Druids are artisans of language and rhetoric.

So much of the criminal justice process is designed to break down the resolve of the accused and the families of the accused. Our criminal justice system has become a system designed to emotionally break the will of the accused…stripping them of human dignity.

Ours is a system that operates outside any meaningful understanding by the the citizens. The criminal justice process has become a catastrophic event for the accused and victims alike. It strikes at the tender underbelly of emotion and leaves people stripped of any real recourse as a terrible and surrealistic encounter unfolds before them.

The Druid’s are retained for Intercedant services during the judicial proceedings and after the ordeal has played out. Criminal proceedings involve devastating public press releases that call up a mind of guilt so severe as to effect the hearts of those thought to be the closest friends, relatives, business associates, social associations, and intimate relationships. There is no hope without a believable defense to obtain acquittal or mitigate the outcome for the accused.

For the state, the notion of presumption of innocence is abandoned in the fever of the game. These kinds of legal entanglements test the most fervent spirit…the strongest of faith. The Druids exist to stand strong and alongside the accused who face an onslaught of vitriol and hatred. Wretched speculation leads to a kind of exile for everyone standing in the path of a broken system of crime and punishment. You need our team…and we need to be there for you.

We take the confusion and fear away from the accused and replace it with empowerment. An empowerment that comes from experience and understanding. A real-world advocacy firm.

Make an appointment with a mouse click…we are here for you.